There are many advantages to Internet Marketing. Here are just a few.
1. Improve Current Marketing. IM can improve conventional advertising. As a tool any business can add a URL to a business card or an advertisement in other media (newspaper, local circular, magazine, etc). Your URL being or simply This address provides anyone with a very elaborate online brochure for your business. Your website will contain information including reviews, menus, prices, maps, pictures of your dining establishment, etc. This brochure can be viewed at the press of a button.
2. Update Menus/Schedules/Specials. IM improves your flexibilty to keep customers current. Are your menus changing every season, month, week? Send it to your customers via email. Simply fax or notify us and we will make the changes immediately or whenever you want these updates viewed. We can even provide your customers with both sets of menus temporarily until the changes take place. We can have a price change done before you get your new menus. You may want to change the look of your site from winter to summer. Make it look like a winter wonderland and then a summer resort ..... Simple.
3. Easy Access. IM provides easy access to your current information. Your business brochure can be viewed, sent and printed by anyone, anytime. Potential customers traveling Long Island's wine country, beaches, arboretums, preserves, museums, or to take in a show can take a look at your menus, schedules and the restaurant itself. That person can even print a map giving them directions to your restaurant.

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