There are many advantages to Here are just a few.
Price. The greatest reason we believe is the cost. We are very reasonably priced. Sites or Banners start at $20 per month. DLI first decided to concentrate on restaurants and caterers because we felt these restaurant sites were too expensive with little to no internet exposure. I also love to go out and dine at our many long island restaurants. For years I have seen sites designed for up to $2,000 with very little online exposure to directories and search engines. Many of these sites aren't even getting their menus updated. How many times have you seen a music schedule months old or observe a mother's day menu when looking for an early bird menu in August. Your site must be kept fresh, up to date. Only then will customers continue to view it for current information.
2. Reliability. Every business is run a little different. When DLI hears from a customer we tend to that customers specific needs ASAP.
3. Marketing Tactics. We have created a mailing list. We like to remind anyone on our mailing list of our site at DLI. We also include direct links to restaurants with special menus at the time. Our success on the top search engines has contributed greatly. Our continued research, updates and search engine submission keeps us successful. We believe the success of sites such as google, yahoo and live are due to their broadness. We also believe that this broadness handicaps them in many ways. We are not only dedicated to Long Island but to the food industry with our marketing strategies. We feel this is the key to our continued success. People continue to come back to our site for simple navigation through hundreds of Long Island Restaurant menus.

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