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Mulberry St
Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
287 N Broadway Jericho NY 11753
M-Th 11am - 10pm
Fr-Sa 11am- 11pm
Su 12:30-10pm
FREE delivery ($10 min)

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To our valued customers:
We believe our product is our single best asset as we focus on our quest to provide you with your best experience in fine dining. We use ony the freshest and finest ingredients in our dishes to ensure your satisfaction.

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Serving Grandma & The Yankees
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The Grandma slice at Mulberry Street made Our Favorite Pizza Poll (click here for FaceBook Pizza Poll). I decided immediately this was one slice I wasn't going to miss. I hadn’t had a grandma slice in years. I regularly eat Taco, Buffalo, Regular, Onions & Mushrooms and a few others depending on who I’m sharing a pie with and which restaurant we are dining at. Why is the Grandma slice not on my regular list? I remember it . . . . barely. =D

The day has come. Mulberry St looks like any other Pizza Parlor from the outside. I enter and my eye immediately catches some Yankee memorabilia behind the counter. As a Sox fan I find myself in enemy territory. On the Tube is a rerun of a 1977 Yankee World Series Game against the Dodgers. I’m laughing inside and asking myself, have I entered the Yankee Zone? The Twighlight Zone theme begins to play in my head drowning out the Yankee game as I order one regular and one Grandma slice.

I grab my slices and head to an empty booth. The Grandma looks a bit on the small side I must admit. I take a bite. This is unbelievable. How come I haven’t had one of these Grandma slices in so long? I have another bite. Thankfully, it is just as good as the first. They all are. On my way home I am thinking I’m going to have to try some Grandma slices elsewhere. I am in need of a base, a large comparison group. Excellent, any excuse to try more pizza. Again, Why do I not remember these Grandma Slices being sooo good?

Within a week I have the Grandma slice at 3 other restaurants. They all have good Grandma slices. None are quite as good as Mulberry Street. The Mulberry Street Grandma slice was crispy. The tomato melted into the cheese perfectly. The texture and quantities of ingredients seemed to be just right. The Grandma slice has just made my top 5 favorite slices. I am going to be eating many more on a fairly regular basis. Thanks to Mulberry St.

If you’re a fan of the Grandma slice or The Yankees or both, Mulberry Street is a must try.

I thanked my face book friend for the Mulberry St. suggestion. He told me he has been an expert since ’78. What? The Yankees game was ’77. There goes the TZ theme again . . .

Mulberry St 287 N Broadway Jericho NY 11753
516.933.7974. .

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